By Any Means

You may know the truth

apply, by any means.

People may hate you

love them, by any means.

You may end up being alone

befriend yourself, by any means.

People may behave insincere

make them know what sincerity tastes like, by any means.

Stop thinking too much,

put a distance with what makes you bitter.

Nobody can solve problems lying on her bed,

if you can’t solve the problems,

they are not your problems.

Put a smile on your face, by any means.





Winners vs. Losers

Anyone who works enough, can make her dreams come true. In the end of the journey one looks back and sees her achievements, as sensations pour out from her eyes, with a huge smile on her face… In that fascinating time, she loses the game. Hence, anyone can work and win a fight, but it takes a character and wisdom to lose one and still be proud of it.

A loser, never loses the message. And a winner; never loses a fight, and grows herself at the same time. In the end of the journey, a winner looks back and sees not only her achievements, but also her sacrifices. And the loser… A loser only sees the messages and shares them with joy.

You decide which one is better.




What would pain feel like when you love the sensation of it?

When you lie in your bed, and your heart rate climbs,

you can’t decide to gulp down, or throw up the problems

to get rid of the hands of life, choking you to sleep.

your eyes slowly close,

the darkness gets darker and devours

Your body gives a fight, but your soul was born out of it.

You shine in the morning as a new person.

A new person with the same problems

still lonely, broken, and betrayed.

But this time,

you love your enemy

and that makes the whole difference.